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Article: Autumn-Winter 2023-24 Fashion Trends

Tendenze Moda Autunno-Inverno 2023-24

Autumn-Winter 2023-24 Fashion Trends

Curious to know the latest fashion trends for next Autumn-Winter?

We have compiled for you the definitive guide to the trends and must-haves of the coming months. Read on to find out everything!

  • Password: eco-leather.

The passion for imitation leather continues unabated and is confirmed as one of the strongest trends for the coming months as well. The possibilities to explore this material are endless, from colorful bomber jackets to classic trousers, through Bermuda shorts, boots, mini bags and wraparound skirts.

  • Bold shoulders: protagonists of the 80s

Shoulder pads from the 80s: a real comeback! Padded shoulders make a triumphant return to the Fall-Winter 2023-24 runways. This element, full of symbolism, gives strength and character to the wearer's look.

  • Necktie

The tie will be an essential accessory for creating elegant and sophisticated looks in autumn-winter 2023-24. It will be a protagonist element on the catwalks, declined in different shapes and styles. The most sought-after version will be the slim and black one, to be combined with a white shirt to obtain a chic and refined effect. Wearing a tie will add a touch of class and personality to your outfit.

  • Montgomery

The duffle coat, a classic and timeless coat, will make a triumphant return in the autumn-winter 2023-24 season. This versatile and highly appealing garment will be an ideal choice to face the coldest days with style. The duffle coat is characterized by its straight cut and visible buttons, which give a vintage and sophisticated atmosphere to the look. In addition, shorter and more modern versions will also be available to match the latest trends.

  • Skirt over pants

A trend that is reconquering the fashion scene is the "skirt + pants" combination. This bold and contemporary combination allows you to experiment with different styles and create original outfits. You can wear a skirt over a pair of trousers, creating a mix of lengths and fabrics that add dynamism to your look.

  • Maxi belt
The high and oversized belt is an accessory that is conquering the catwalks and the streets all over the world. This chunky belt, which can be worn flat on the hips or cinching the waist like a corset, is a detail that instantly transforms an outfit. You can use a maxi belt to emphasize your figure and create a focal point on your look. Experiment with different widths, materials and colors to express your personal style and add a touch of boldness to your outfit.

  • Cuissard boots: A touch of style for all tastes

Cuissard boots, available in different variants, colors and more or less sporty styles, will be a must-have for all fashion lovers. Choose the model that best suits your taste and embellish your autumn-winter look.

These are just some of the fashion trends that will characterize next season, but stay tuned to find out all the news that awaits us!


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