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Article: SS23: The news between elegance and audacity

SS23: Le novità tra eleganza e audacia

SS23: The news between elegance and audacity

Fashion continually evolves and Spring Summer is always a season full of surprises and novelties.

Our brand is no exception and this year we present our spring summer collection that will leave you speechless.

When will it come out? The new collection will be available starting from the end of February, in time for the arrival of the beautiful days. We are excited to show you the news we have prepared for you.

What inspired us? Our collection for this season is a perfect balance between elegance and boldness. We were inspired by the sophisticated elegance of quiet luxury of the 90s, but at the same time we incorporated the boldness of the 80s through the use of transparencies and sparkling sequins. The clothes have been enriched with exclusive details such as applications, sequins and polka dots, creating a unique and sophisticated look.

Fabrics and colors: For this collection we have chosen light and comfortable fabrics, such as cotton and viscose, in bright colors such as red, yellow and gold. We've also included metallic and sparkly fabrics to add a touch of glamor to our dresses.

Sneak peeks: Our Spring-Summer collection will include a wide range of fashionable pieces, including co-ords, suits, dresses with transparencies and shiny details, bandage dresses and 80s-inspired dresses. Furthermore, there will be sandals, sneakers and bags characterized by a wide range of colours, from the most delicate pastel shades to the most intense shades, perfect for completing your look. The SS23 is the result of years of experience in the fashion industry and a passion for creating unique and fashionable garments.

We are excited to share this new collection with you and we are certain that it will become the reference point for your spring-summer wardrobe. We are ready to see how you will wear our garments and can't wait to show you the new arrivals on our social channels.

Don't miss the chance to be fashionable and feel amazing this season.

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