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Article: Is beauty objective?

La bellezza è oggettiva?

Is beauty objective?

Beauty is now considered as an objective and not subjective factor, as it should be in reality.
A topic that affects a very large portion of women is certainly that which concerns the so-called "beauty standards".

But what is the canon of beauty?
"The canon of beauty is the aesthetic ideal concerning the body that is recognized by society, closely linked to the era and the cultural, economic and social situation of a people ."

But we don't agree so much.
You will surely have noticed that we are constantly exposed to images of "perfect" women, representations now present everywhere: from social media to television, from advertisements to magazines. So, it won't be difficult for us to understand those who lead us to believe in the existence of a single standard of beauty to the detriment of others: society.
Society, now as always, persuades us to the point that we have to feel perpetually in competition.
A huge lie that has dragged on for centuries is precisely the canon of beauty par excellence, nothing could be more absurd.

Why am I talking to you about this?
If today I decided to address this topic it is to try to give a "small" message of love.
For ourselves.
As reported above , the canon of beauty is closely linked to the era covered, to economic and cultural factors;
it has always existed, this is true, but this does not mean that the right body par excellence exists. There is no such thing as a good thing and a bad thing in an absolute sense, always remember that!

They made us believe that our tastes don't matter, and instead they do, of course. Everyone has the right but above all the need to have and preserve their own tastes, thoughts and vision of things, whatever the topic covered, from physical beauty to the beauty of a landscape.
Beauty is simply SUBJECTIVE.
Beauty standards come, go, change over time and take on different forms; well, our eyes instead must be able to have a broad vision dictated by our thoughts, and not by other people's ideas.

We decided to publish this post to tell you that, no matter how much the world and society try to influence us, we must understand that the world is beautiful because it is varied, an old but never disproved phrase.

Let us learn to accept ourselves more, to love ourselves more, because there is nothing,
really nothing more beautiful than the beauty on the face of a woman who loves herself.
Let's love each other and support each other.

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